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Welcome to Target Management Advisory where we help you evolve your business

Target Management helps you think through your strategies for dealing with issues such as 

  • Customers demanding more and at lower cost?          
  • Competitors threatening to take customers or enter your market?
  • Suppliers challenging for higher prices or longer delivery times?
  • Costs always seeming to rise and never fall?
  • Technology change making operations and products rapidly obsolete?
  • Staff and management not matching the changing world you face?

We help you recognise what you are actually capable of achieving easily and what change is going to be really hard to achieve, despite every intent to make it happen.

We tell you the painful truth, even if senior management does not want to hear it!

And we make a particular point of connecting new strategies to new target objectives, combined with tactics you can actually implement to achieve the overall goals. We also make a point of working with and through your people to make sure you get results – and will work on a part-success fee basis where appropriate and outcomes are clearly measurable.

Call Steve Herman on 07825-189263 to see how we can help you adapt effectively and look at the sections on our Adaptability Index and facilitated workshop process.